C. U. Kesh Nawada, M.D.

1121 1st St S, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Laser Room - Nawada Plastic Surgery ASC

About Our Laser Room

At his Winter Haven, plastic surgery facility, Dr. Nawada has invested in a state of the art Scition® Joule 7 laser system, including modules for Contour TRL,™ProFractional™XC Therapy laser, and his latest, the new HALO™ the world's first tunable, Hybrid Fractional Laser, combining dual, ablative and non-ablative wavelengths.  As a stand-alone unit, he has the Sciton®BBL™ that can treat multiple things in the skin at one time, that leaves the skin looking clearer, smoother and healthier...and "forever young"!  The "Forever Young BBL™" capabilities are a result of a groundbreaking two-part, 10+ year clinical study at Stanford University, that has shown that you can take living human cells and be able to alter the gene expression, and make them act like younger cells.  The second part of the study, determined the safety and the efficacy to continue to do multiple treatments over time.  The results were stellar!  

So, after a consultation with plastic surgeon, Dr. Nawada, for his patients' comfort and convenience, Dr. Nawada can use this advanced laser system, to perform any chosen laser procedures, or the phototherapy treatments of the BBL™ (Broad Band Light), or the skin tightening treatments of SkinTyte™ II, either in this dedicated laser room seen above,  which is kept clean and well-equipped for the Sciton laser procedures, up front, on the Practice side of his Office, or in the Operating Room in his ambulatory surgical center, on the other side of his facility, to enhance cosmetic surgical procedures in the sterile environment of the O.R., as part of a surgery procedure.