C. U. Kesh Nawada, M.D.

1121 1st St S, Winter Haven, FL 33880


A Unique Facility

Built With Our Patients In Mind


Because safety is our top concern, Nawada Plastic Surgery has its very own, on-site Ambulatory Surgical Center. Because we only perform elective, plastic surgery procedures on healthy patients, postoperative infection rates are substantially lower than that of other facilities. Also, we voluntarily participate in accreditation programs and submit to ongoing inspections to remain compliant with all state and federal regulations. Because we have achieved the highest accreditation by the State of Florida, Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) and Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) you can be sure that our surgical center meets or even exceeds the same operating standards as found in world-class hospitals.



In keeping with our culture of safety, our surgical suite only uses Medical Doctors (MD’s) to administer anesthesia. We continue to enjoy a long working relationship with the Anesthesia Group, APMC of Lakeland. Our preferred anesthesiologists, Keith Fournet, MD, Kevin Fournet, MD, and Ricardo Simeon, MD, provide the best of the best in Anesthesia Care to our patients!

Clinical Staff


There are two excellent Full-Time nurses on our staff. Beth Ann Noles, RN, LHRM is our Nurse Manager, as well as our Licensed Risk Manager. She leads the clinical staff to ensure all is correct, compliant and running well.

Oriana Mangheitr-Boggie, RN, BSN, works alongside Dr. Nawada, helping him seamlessly care for patients, from consultation to O.R., to post-op care, follow-ups and beyond. Oriana is bilingual in English and Spanish which helps our patients tremendously.

Matt Nawada, Dr. Nawada’s son, is a surgical assistant and surgical technician, working right alongside Dr. Nawada during surgery. He has a double major Bachelors of Arts in Sociology/Social Psychology, and Religion from Lehigh University and is a graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall Preparatory School in Wallingford, CT.  Matt also assists Dr. Nawada with business management and marketing. When not working with his Dad, Matt follows his passion for Music working as a Recording Artist and Music Producer at his studio, Orlando Recording and Production (O.R.A.P.). He is also the Father of two beautiful, lively pre-schoolers.

In addition to the above, we also have several top-notch support nurses. Our recovery nurse, Rebecca Sumner, RN, will make sure you are well cared for in our Recovery area following your surgical procedure before you go home to rest. Ginger Davis, RN may assist with your RECOVERY as well and she serves as a Circulating nurse. Last but not least, Ada Donaldson, RN, serves as a Circulating nurse and Surgical Tech as needed.



Christina Ann (Tina), Dr. Nawada’s wife, is the Administrator for the Ambulatory Surgery Center and the practice.  She holds a BA in Art from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania and has done additional post-graduate studies in that field at the University of South Florida in Tampa.  She took on the challenge of working with architects and contractors to build the Surgery Center which was a huge undertaking.  As a result of her efforts, from the moment you step into the reception entryway of the office/surgery center, you will find yourself in a comfortable and calming area. Tina was able to create a very practical and efficient design while keeping our patients’ comfort in mind. She continues to make sure that the facility remains as a state-of-the-art Office and Ambulatory Surgical Center, Nawada Plastic Surgery Center is actually two entities, Dr. Nawada's Aesthetic Surgery Practice in the front office, as well as the in-house ASC at the rear of the building, and offers only the finest environment for our patients.  Tina has worked in Dr. Nawada's Practice in different capacities since 1992 when she and Dr. Nawada were one of the very first clinical skin care in the Central Florida area in a Plastic Surgery office, when they initiated one of the foremost pioneers in skincare at the time, BioMedic® and performed the MicroPeel™.  



Independent Consultant, Richard Lamar Edwards, RPh is our Pharmacy Consultant, who visits us on a monthly basis to educate and update our clinical staff and inspect and monitor our ASC to ensure pharmaceutical compliance with the highest patient safety standards.

Life Saftey


As yet another safety measure, we hire an independent building services company to manage and maintain our physical plant and its mechanical functions. This includes O.R. equipment maintenance, proper functioning of our life safety systems (i.e. generator, fire safety, and air conditioning) so that we remain in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Florida.