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PlasmaTight™ Face & Neck Overview

A traditional facelift garners outstanding results for older patients. While the results are lasting and dramatic, because it is surgery, there is a longer downtime and the risk of visible scars. Dr. Kesh Nawada, Winter Haven, FL plastic surgeon, is among one of the earlier adopters to offer the PlasmaTight™ procedure, a treatment that can offer similar results of a surgical facelift for a fraction of the cost. The J-Plasma® is the first of its kind, non-laser device that assists with rejuvenating the face nonsurgically. The results are outstanding and have shown many patients to walk away looking up to 10 years younger. The PlasmaTight™ nonsurgical facelift procedure is performed using Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), and a proprietary technique to tighten the soft tissues below the skin, which dramatically rejuvenates the upper and lower face. 

How does this work?

Unlike traditional lasers used in the aesthetic industry, J-Plasma® energy can be administered under the skin (subcutaneously) because it uses energized helium to create a plasma energy field (75% less of the thermal load of a CO2 laser). This method of introducing the energy under the skin causes excellent skin tightening, and because only a few tiny incisions (5 mm in size) are used, the process offers minimal downtime and practically no scarring. Patients who want the best of both worlds, dermal ablation and skin tightening, can achieve the look they want with PlasmaTight™. This combination treatment will dramatically improve skin texture, tone, pigmentation, and color, as well as tighten the skin for a younger, firmer look. 

PlasmaTight™ Face & Neck Surgical Technique

This procedure can be used for both the face and neck. Dr. Nawada will make approximately 3 – 5 tiny incisions using either IV sedation or a local anesthetic to help control discomfort and numb the treatment area. Power-Assisted Liposuction (PAL) is then introduced gently through the small incisions at speeds that are hardly visible to the eye. Dr. Nawada will thread an invisible stitch/suture into the SMAS layer of the facial structure, which is the strong connective tissue that envelops the face and connects to the platysma muscle in the neck. The SMAS and other facial tissues are what causes the sagging as we age, so that’s why we want to lift it. The invisible stitch will eventually dissolve, but the scar tissue left behind will keep the "lift" in place. Finally, using the same incisions, Dr. Nawada will incorporate J-Plasma® under the skin to create the desired skin tightening and to encourage cellular turnover and rejuvenation. This means, unlike a traditional facelift, no skin needs to be removed. J-Plasma® will tighten the skin so significantly that it won’t need to be excised away, hence no scarring. 

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PlasmaTight™ Face & Neck FAQs

What’s the Downtime?

A PlasmaTight™ treatment does not result in major downtime. On average, depending on how many areas were treated and the size of the area, patients should need around 3 – 5 days of recovery. After the treatment is over, a post-surgical garment will be worn and patients should take it easy for a couple of days. Strenuous activity or vigorous exercise should be avoided for a week or more. 

Does it Work ?

Dr. Nawada has seen many patients transform after this procedure. Unlike many of the other lasers on the market today, PlasmaTight™ results in rapid skin tightening with additional tightening continuing for up to 2 – 4 weeks. Our patients love the results. What makes J-Plasma® so great, is that there is limited downtime and no scarring, yet the results are excellent meeting the expectation of our Winter Haven, FL patients. 

How Much does it cost ?

Because this procedure is usually performed using local numbing and IV sedation, the cost is considerably lower than alternative or traditional procedures and Dr. Nawada offers no-cost consultations. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the size of the area being treated.

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