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Brow Lift Overview

A brow lift is a procedure that corrects drooping brows and smooths forehead wrinkles. During the procedure, the muscles and tissue that cause sagging and drooping are removed or altered to help smooth wrinkles. Patients can expect wrinkles, creases, and lines to be eliminated or minimized after this procedure. At Nawada Plastic Surgery in Winter Haven, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kesh Nawada works carefully to ensure that the results of this surgery leave the patients looking natural and refreshed. Dr. Nawada also offers the Endotine forehead device, an advanced bio-compatible implant that makes the brow lift more natural looking and provides an easier recovery.

Brow Lift Surgical Technique

There are several techniques that can be considered during a brow lift procedure. Some of the approaches are interchangeable with a forehead lift, but may be used to achieve different objectives.


Endotine® Forehead Device

For a more natural, refreshed look, Dr. Nawada offers the Endotine Forehead device, a bio-plastic implant that secures the brow tissue in its new position. After lifting the needed areas using either an open or endoscopic approach, Dr. Nawada will use an Endotine forehead device to ensure the tissues and muscles stay in their new position. As the tissue reattaches to the bone, which usually takes about 1-2 months, the Endotine device will gradually dissolve and be absorbed by the body. Using the Endotine device during a brow lift offers the patient a more comfortable alternative to metal screws and sutures, which can cause discomfort and complications during healing.

Eyebrow Incision

Also known as a direct brow lift, this approach places the incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid. Depending on the structure of the brow, an incision can also be made at the brow hairline to complete this process. Weak and sagging skin and tissue will be lifted and reattached to the brow bone. This approach does not affect the forehead and works to treat a sagging eyebrow and eyelid.

Coronal Brow Lift

This approach places the incision lines several inches above the hairline of the head. These incisions are typically long, yet still hidden by the patient’s hair. This technique repositions the eyebrows by pulling them up to offer an alert and revitalized appearance. Sometimes hair will need to be removed during the incision closure process where the skin is reattached. This particular approach does offer dramatic results and in most cases actually repositions the hairline higher.

Brow Lift During/After Surgery

All brow lifts are performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. The surgery typically takes around 2 hours to complete depending on the approach. Patients can generally return to work and resume normal activities within a few days following surgery. Patients may feel that their new facial structure is not as symmetrical as it should be, nor how they anticipated. This is a common anxiety. Facial features will settle and take on a natural look within a few weeks. It may take several months for the optimal surgical results to take effect.

Brow Lift Expected Costs

Each brow lift surgery is tailored according to how subtle or dramatic patients desire their results to be. Most patients can expect to pay between $4,500 - $8,000. for this procedure.

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Average Cost  
$4,500 - $6,000
Recovery Time  
1-6 Weeks
Average Procedure Time  
1-2 Hours
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1-2 Weeks
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Brow Lift FAQ’s

Brow Lift or Facelift?

This will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. Many times, the effects of aging take place in the forehead region alone. If wrinkles, loose skin and sagging eyebrows exist on the forehead, then a brow lift or forehead lift may be sufficient. For drooping jowls and wrinkles along the lower area of the face, then another procedure such as a full facelift may be worth consideration. Sometimes these procedures can be combined for maximum results.

Will I Look Fake?

While a brow lift produces results that allow patients to appear more awake and alert, the results are often subtle. An experienced surgeon will work within the confines of a patient’s facial structure and skin elasticity to create natural results that avoid a wide-eyed or hyper-alert appearance.

Can I Just use BOTOX?

No, not necessarily. BOTOX is a great non-surgical option that can improve the wrinkles and fine lines of the forehead. However, it will not lift the forehead and improve sagging and drooping features if they exist. Patients who are contemplating surgery may want to try BOTOX first and see if the results satisfy their aesthetic goals. If BOTOX proves ineffective, then a brow lift will probably help in this area.

Visible Scarring?

The incisions made during a brow lift procedure are usually well-concealed once they heal. Whether they are placed in the hairline or brow line, every effort is made to keep the incisions along natural folds and hairlines so they are not visible after surgery.

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