C. U. Kesh Nawada, M.D.

1121 1st St S, Winter Haven, FL 33880

Nawada Plastic Surgery
C. U. Kesh Nawada, M.D.

1121 1st St S
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Winter Haven, FL Plastic Surgery

About Nawada Plastic Surgery

At Nawada Plastic Surgery, it is important that we deliver, as a premier facility, the best care possible to each of our patients, not only in addressing their privacy concerns, but we begin especially, to achieve this through the adherence to the safety rules and regulations of the state of Florida's regulatory agency, Agency for Health Care Administration, (AHCA), in addition to the federal regulations of CMS.  Both of those agencies visit us annually for their rigorous inspections, primarily for life safety, infection control and several other checks and balances that keep everyone safe.  William R. Phillips, PhD, CGC, CIAQP, CDT, and his company, RITEway Building Services, Inc. of Winter Park, FL, manages our physical plant of all the mechanical functions, including all our O.R. equipment maintenance, proper functioning of all our life safety systems, including generator, fire safety, and air conditioning oversite, so we remain in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth for Ambulatory Surgical Centers in the state of Florida.  Independent Consultant, Richard Lamar Edwards, RPh is our Pharmacy Consultant, who visits us on a monthly basis to educate and update our clinical staff and inspect and monitor our ASC with his expertise in pharmaceutical compliance, always in preparation for a visit from AHCA.          

There are two excellent Full-Time nurses on our staff, Beth Ann Noles, RN, LHRM, who is our Nurse Manager, as well as our Licensed Risk Manager, who leads the clinical staff to ensure all is correct, compliant and and running well, with the assistance of Oriana Mangheitr-Boggie, RN, BSN, alongside of Dr. Nawada, helping him seamlessly transition responsibilities, between the front Office, (the home of his Aesthetic Surgery Practice),  as they see surgical patients, and following them through, from consultation, to O.R., to post-op care, follow-ups and beyond, in safety, privacy and convenience.  Oriana is the person to ask for if you feel more comfortable in speaking Spanish.  Dina Friedman is our Front Desk Coordinator, who answers the phone and can assist you in answering some of your questions or quickly  find out the answers for you as well as schedule your appointment.  Dina works the front office with Beth Ann, Oriana and  Dr. Nawada.  We have a great team, and any one of our staff could answer the phone, but primarily, it would be Dina taking your calls.   

Dr. Nawada also enjoys providing his patients in Winter Haven and surrounding areas, with some of the latest in techniques and technologies, to help his patients achieve their best results to achieve their aesthetic improvement goals, including the use of different kinds of lasers and light systems, injectables for fine lines and volume, and skin care products to complement the variety of procedures, from non-invasive, to minimallly-invasive to full-out surgeries, preparing the skin, pre-any procedure, will likely assure you of better results, and in the long-run, with continued use, help you to protect your investment and maintain your results.  

We strive always, to keep our décor tasteful and the appearance of our facility clean and tidy, and provide our patients with  comfortable and relaxing surroundings and pleasing amenities, such as Nespresso S.A. beverages, like espresso, cappuccino, latté, or specialty teas for their enjoyment.  Our facility features a bright and airy reception space, two private consultation rooms, one of them, including a dedicated photography room for before and after pictures with our Canfield-Mirror system.  We have an "Injectables/Post-Op Care Room", a "Laser And Minor  Procedures Room, where the Sciton, Joule 7 laser platform includes different options for laser skin resurfacing and phototherapy, much like an IPL, with their "Forever Young BBL™" (BroadBand Light) and SkinTyte II can be used. and then, another type of Laser room, located in the central part of the office, there is a room for non-invasive laser fat lipolysis, which is the "SculpSure® Laser Room",  then last, but not least, there is the lovely "Finance Office", where patients can sit and read and sign their pre-surgical consents and settle their accounts, just to name a few of the different rooms.  

Dr. Nawada's Plastic Surgery Practice occupies the front of the facility, coming in from the 1st Street entry, while our on-site Ambulatory Surgical Center, with one Operating Room, two, private Intake Areas and two private Recovery Areas occupy the back side of the building.  On Surgery Days, in addition to Beth Ann and Oriana,  we also have two part-time nurses, that work the OR and the PACU (Recovery Areas), Ada Donaldson, RN, whom we have such great respect for, and cherish for all her years of service, has been with us forever, and we welcome Rebecca Sumner, RN, who just recently joined us to work part-time on surgery days, as well as Dr. Nawada's youngest son, Matt Nawada, as his "right hand man", as his surgical assistant to Dr. Nawada.  On Surgical days, we continue to enjoy so much,working with  Anesthesia Group, APMC of Lakeland, Keith Fournet, MD, Kevin Fournet, MD, and Ricardo Simeon, MD, provide the best of the best in Anesthesia Care to our patients! 

We invite you to take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery center.  Our Ambulatory Surgical Center License Number with the State of Florida is #1129 if you'd like to check it out. 

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